About Us

Since the turn of the 2001, the Gethin family have diversified their once dairy farm dramatically to what is now one of the Midlands’ largest organic recycling businesses.

The enterprise comprises of two main operations that work independently but complement each other very well; composting and anaerobic digestion (AD). Both contribute to the overarching business objective to put organic matter back into the soil.

The compost site, established over 15 years ago, takes green and food waste from right across Shropshire and beyond to produce a PAS100/ PAS110 certified peat-free compost to be used as an agricultural or horticultural soil conditioner.

The AD plant, commissioned in November 2014, is fed primarily on food waste. The anaerobic digestion process turns this food waste into a Pas100/ PAS110 certified digestate biofertilizer and generates biogas at the same time. The biogas runs two engines which generate 1.1MW of renewable electricity as well as 1MW of renewable heat. The digestate is a useful biofertilizer which is spread on agricultural land.

Agripost is all about completing the environmental circle; taking wastes that originally grew in the ground, transforming them through the process of decomposition, and turning them into usable forms where they can help the soil start again. Agripost fertilisers are used on the Gethin’s arable farming operation as well as on countless other farms where the benefits of these organic fertilizers have now been reaped for over 15 years.

Today we can make you more sustainable; either through our environmentally friendly alternative to landfill or providing high-quality soil improvers and fertilizers.