Anaerobic Digestion


Agripost takes food waste and packaged food, diverted from landfill, and converts it into heat and renewable energy in its state of the art anaerobic digestion plant. The site has a processing capacity of 1.1MW – enough energy to support over 2,000 homes!

Three major WRAP studies published in 2013 and 2016 estimated annual food waste arisings within the UK is amounting to 15 million tonnes; around 4.3 million tonnes from hospitality, retail and the public sector, over 7 million tonnes from households and 3.9 million tonnes from commercial and industrial sources.

This is not only an economic drain but damaging to the environment. Sending waste to anaerobic digestion plants, where food is decomposed to release biogas to produce electricity and heat, significantly reduces landfill, creates a greener attitude to recycling and waste management, provides a reliable source of renewable energy and plays a sustainable part in minimising global warming.