Our Inputs

Agripost can process most types of food waste, packaged or unpackaged, from food manufacturing, foodservice, retail, distributors, waste management companies and the agricultural industry, from right across the UK. Using the on-site depacking machine, packaged food can be de-packed ready for decomposition.

Types of food waste we dispose of include:


  •  Pre-prepared ready meals
  •  Sachets and stick packs containing sugar, ketchups, mayonnaise etc.
  •  Cooked food (e.g. rice, pasta, vegetables etc)
  •  Bread/ pastry
  •  Liquids – milk, whey
  •  Fruit and vegetables
  •  Tea bags, coffee grounds
  •  Cereals
  •   Dairy products


With landfill tax alone standing at £84.40 per tonne as of 2016, AD is a much more cost effective, as well as environmentally friendly means of disposal.

If you’re a commercial food producer or processor with surplus food waste to dispose of, please do get in touch with our team. Let’s collaborate to ‘work with waste wisely’ and redirect it from landfill.