Our Inputs

Agripost can take large commercial deliveries through to smaller drop-offs of garden waste. Grass cuttings, logs, trees, branches, root stumps, garden/ plant waste and biodegradable food waste are all accepted into the system.

Council waste: Agripost has a long-standing relationship with Shropshire Council to improve waste management. With its central location, on the cusp of Shrewsbury, and easy links to the M54, Agripost is an accessible destination for the drop-off of the county’s household and commercial food and green waste.

Commercial waste: tree surgeons, landscape gardeners and general landscaping companies regularly bring green waste to our site.

Industrial waste: this is usually the by-product of food manufacturing. Agripost accepts a variety of foodstuffs to its site which feeds into its partnering anaerobic digestion plant to generate renewable energy.

If you’d like to see your waste being ethically recycled to recuperate land fertility, please do contact us. Work smart with your waste and divert from landfill.